Conservatus: keep safe/intact, save (from danger) our Human Values

Understanding ourselves through our Human Values


Tolerance 1

Rule of Law

How does Society become Tolerant? There are Specific steps that The West took in moving from Might is Right to Reason is Right Trigger warning for Authoritarians: We need Democracy to write the Rules.

Tolerance 2


What about Social Segregation by Gender? With Social Order v2.0, no more biological-determinism. We are left to experience, value and handle the Diversity Gender brings. Trigger Warning for Toxics of both Genders: "No one will ever win the battle of the sexes; there's too much fraternizing with the enemy."

Tolerance 3


When enforced Ethnic/Racial Segregation ends, then what? The US has a history of White Tribe domination. That should be faced, subsequent developments examined, and some empathy found. Trigger Warning for Conservatives: You might want to, but you can't avoid this part.

Tolerance 4


What is society finding harder and harder to Tolerate today? Wealth segregation is widening due to multiple macroeconomic and cultural factors. Trigger Warning for Meritocrats: Even your kids have become risk averse.

Tolerance 5


What constitutes Politics in Tolerant Societies? Absent the extremes, different philosophies and different emphasis on moral principles complement each other. And things get done. Trigger Warning for Both Sides: The other side has morals too…no seriously.