Conservatus: keep safe/intact, save (from danger) our Human Values

Understanding ourselves through our Human Values


Science 1


What role for science today? As facts are challenged, data politicized and truth becomes slippery, science loses its prestige. Just as the problems get harder. Trigger Warning for Science's Detractors: There's no replacement for science.

Science 2

Climate Change

What does science tell us about Climate Change? Climate Science supports two different viewpoints on Climate Change. Both Alarmists and Skeptics make science based arguments with science unable to provide resolution. Trigger Warning for Science's Boosters: You've got your work cut out.

Science 3

Human Values Thinking

Do Human Values help explain the Human Condition? There are alternatives to the Core Value of Liberty. And today, our Human Values are flashing amber. Trigger Warning for Human Values Advocates: We are not above scrutiny.