Conservatus: keep safe/intact, save (from danger) our Human Values

Understanding ourselves through our Human Values


Progress 1

Geographical Luck

How and where did Agricultural Civilizations develop? Social Order v1.0 – with its large-scale, Coerced Cooperation – didn't develop everywhere at the same time. Trigger Warning for Fascists: It had nothing to do with genes.

Progress 2

Capitalism Gets Going

What was the "Most Important Event in World History"? After ticking up at a snails pace for millennia, suddenly, around 1800, The West achieves Breakthrough Progress and poverty plummets. Trigger Warning for Marxists: You probably need to go and find a safe space for this part.

Progress 3

Cultural Good Fortune

Why did "Breakthrough Progress" happen in The West? The West's Individualistic Culture was an advantage in the two-horse race with China's more collectivist, mono-culture. Trigger Warning for The West's Detractors: Enlightenment Values are important to the story.

Progress 4

Social Order v2.0

What sustained The West's rise? Rational Cooperation, which, from its beginnings in The West, has spread around the world. And with it Progress. Trigger Warning for Liberals: Progress rests first and foremost on Social Order.