Conservatus: keep safe/intact, save (from danger) our Human Values

Understanding ourselves through our Human Values


Liberty 1

Three Miracles

How is it that we are here? We – conscious individuals – came about as a result of three discontinuities that science cannot explain. So we turn to Faith. Trigger Warning for New Atheists: Your Faith does not go unquestioned.

Liberty 2


Do you have Free Will? Unless you believe you are the passive victim of some pre-ordained fate, Individual Consciousness means Free Will and a Mind of your Own. Trigger Warning for Determinists: You may determine that you are wrong.

Liberty 3

Feel & Think

How do we exercise Free Will? The Mind is the most complex thing in the universe that we know of. But we should try to understand its workings. Trigger Warning for students of Carl Jung: Liberties are taken with his model of the mind…but then this section is called Liberty.

Liberty 4

Progress & Tolerance

How do we expand Liberty? By increasing the Capacity to Act (Progress) and reducing External Restraints (Tolerance). Trigger Warning for Environmentalists: increase Social Development and reduce Social Segregation…not the reverse.